About Us

About Us

Restore hope through education, food security and the gospel

Christian Fellowship Ministries (CFM) is a holistic evangelical ministry that shares Jesus’ love with vulnerable people in remote communities in Eastern Uganda that have being devastated by poverty, HIV/AIDS and food insecurity.

They do this by providing education, healthcare and family support for orphans and vulnerable children; improving food security through community-led agricultural projects; and sharing the hope of the gospel through outreach events, church planting and individual evangelism.

CFM’s child sponsorship program provides education, medical care and spiritual, social and emotional support to over 300 orphans and vulnerable children

This gives children an opportunity to break the cycle of intergenerational poverty, to feel loved and have a hope for a brighter future

Families in these rural communities often survive on 1 meal or less per day.

These families are mostly subsistence farmers who live in areas where other jobs are not available

CFM’s Mafudu agricultural project aims to empower 240 vulnerable families to improve their yields and food security through improved farming practices and access to better quality seeds, helping them to feed their families and earn an income.

CFM’s outreach program aims to spread the gospel to rural communities that have no churches and few opportunities for hearing the word of God.

By putting on community outreach events, planting churches, training pastors and through one-on-one ministry, CFM shares Jesus’ love, a chance for salvation and the hope of the gospel.

Sharing Jesus' Love

At CFM, WE share Jesus’ love with vulnerable people in remote communities in Eastern Uganda .

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